Sunshine Coast

Ithaca - Caloundra City Life Saving Club

This is a small family Club with about 120 members from Junior Lifeguards (starting at 6 years of age) and senior membership (from age 14 up).

The Club patrols Bulcock Beach, Caloundra, which is a lovely white sand beach with little surf. The beach is located on the Pumicstone Passage, adjacent to the Caloundra Bar. The water here has a strong tidal sweep and the Club is kept busy rescuing people who have difficulty with the Caloundra Bar and those who swim across the passage to Bribie Island in an outgoing tide.

The Club is a modern club and well managed, with most of its officers having many years experience. Most club members know each other on a first name basis, and they know the regular beach patrons likewise. This club has an excellent in service training program which takes about two years to become fully qualified, but from your first shift you will be involved in beach patrol activities.

The Club Details
Club Name:Ithaca - Caloundra City Life Saving Club
Location:Bulcock Beach, Caloundra
Membership: Junior - Age 6 to 14
Rookie: Age 14 to 16
Senior: Age 16+
Contact Name:Club Captain - Lynda Barry 0433 771 433
Membership Form:Senior Membership Form , Junior Membership Form
Membership Fees:Membership Fee Senior: $100.00 (renewal $50.00), Junior: $100.00 (renewal $60.00)
Patrol Commitment:Two days per month (but will work within you availability)

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Life Saving Support Services Inc

An organisation that supports volunteer life saving clubs conducting beach patrol, first aid and rescue services for the community by providing assistance and resources to Clubs which are affiliated with the Royal Life Saving Society.

We were formed in 2015 by a group of club members who wanted to develop and build Royal Life Saving Cubs in Queensland. We provide support to clubs for things such as life saving equipment and supporting patrol operations. These are all with the underlying aim of providing a service to the community service (i.e. a beach surveillance, public first aid and rescue service). We are staffed by volunteers and so we have very little administrations costs, meaning almost all the funds we raise go directly towards our main aim.

The Club Details
Club Name:Life Saving Support Services Inc
Membership: Senior: Age 18+
Contact Name: Lynda Barry 0433 771 433
Membership Form:Ordinary Membership Form
Membership Fees:Membership Fee: $50.00 (renewal $50.00)
Commitment:Members are expected to fundraise or support clubs in some way

Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Pool Lifesaving Club

Sunshine Coast Grammar School is a school of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association. The School operates a Pool Lifesaving Club which competes at State and National Championships.
The Club Details
Club Name:Sunshine Coas Gammar Schol, Pool Life Saving Club
Location:Forest Glen (at the School)
Membership:Student of the school

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