Information about Joining a Life Saving

How do I join a Cub ?

Very easily, contact your local club and ask about joining. To contact you club, you could email the club, telephone or drop in (on the weekend during summer).

You will need to complete some paperwork (such as a membership application form and other things), pay the clubs membership fee and thats it.

Your Club Captain (the person who manages the patrol operations) will talk to you about beach patrols, and your clubs trainers will talk to you about training courses.

What will I have to do ?

Members of life saving clubs are asked to volunteer their time to help the club in some way. Most clubs have different types of membership from fully active life saver, to beach based members (no swimming skills necessary) and we even have roles for those those with mobility impairments. You could also help by being a support person or committee member.

Most people who are members of clubs join to be a life saver on the beach. This involves attending some training sessions (to learn safe practices and life saving skills) and then performing volunteer patrols. Patrol arrangements vary from club to club (and even patrol to patrol), but all clubs work with your availability so you can do patrols when you are free. Being on patrol is actually enjoyable, it is often a fun social atmosphere where you can socialise with members and public whilst you are performing beach surveillance.

I am not certain if I want to join, what do I do ?

We suggest you go and have a chat with you local club, and find out more information. They fully understand people being hesitant, and will not pressure you to join.

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